Monitoring made easy

Fully automated tracking

Track anything you with our digital monitoring, across any channel, and automatically receive intelligence 24/7.

Relevant and reliable alerts

Receive only the market intelligence that matters. Our finely tuned AI engine cuts out the noise.

Actionable insights

React quickly and strategically to alerts with the help of concise and actionable insights provided by our expert analysts.

Everything that matters,
on one page

See a concise, real-time summary of the latest industry activity on your bespoke Business Intelligence Dashboard. Fully customisable, cloud-based and constantly updated, the dashboard is a flexible and ultra-convenient hub of all the information you care about most.

Everything covered

The WMC platform keeps you informed of all the relevant changes to your industry landscape in real time. Here’s an example of what we can cover for you...


  • Pricing changes
  • Launches
  • Availability updates
  • Removal from market


  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Website layout changes
  • Banner changes
  • Online ads

Company updates

  • Personnel changes
  • Restructuring
  • Financial results & investor updates
  • New partnerships
  • New locations

Our platform is loved & trusted by a variety of world-leading brands

  • unilever
  • wavesight
  • acca
  • abeerdeen
  • UK2
  • umbo
  • rb

See what we can do for you

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