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Intelligence For Companies In The
Telecoms Sector

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Let Your Team
Focus On Added-
Value Tasks.

Improve your company's productivity by giving your team direct access to curated intelligence.

Help them focus on the important tasks rather than manually collecting data.

Improve Decisions
With The Right

Avoid data overload or key data being lost when collating intelligence for decision makers.

Use an automated platform that collects product and pricing data, promotions and delivers actionable insights.

Use Data For

Have confidence in your major project plans.

Fully understand your competitors new product roll-outs, digital transformation and partnership plans.

Align Product
Roadmaps With
Industry Trends

Ensure your product roadmaps reflect the latest developments in the telecoms industry.

Get real-time updates about product launches, pricing changes and more.

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Case Studies

Telecoms Giant Capitalising On Industry Trends

This firm's insights team had sufficient manpower and financial resources, but it
struggled with data overload.

Competitors We Tracked

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  • competitor-1
  • competitor-1
  • competitor-1

A leading UK telecoms company sought out WatchMyCompetitor's (WMC) expertise as part of their strategic pivot towards 'small and wide data'.

This telecoms giant had an impressive year after adopting the WMC platform. Various teams acquired the specific data needed in real-time in order to make effective decisions.

Read Full Case Here

Competitive Intelligence &
Telecoms Industry

Competitive intelligence platforms offer numerous benefits to telecom companies, including strategic decision-making based on comprehensive market analysis, identification of competitive opportunities and threats, understanding emerging technology trends and gaining insights into customer preferences and behavior.

These platforms are ideal for a range of users within the telecom sector, including business strategists, market analysts, product managers, pricing teams, investor relations teams and policy makers who require in-depth knowledge of the telecom industry.

Yes, competitive intelligence provides insights into competitors' product offerings, innovations, and customer feedback. This information can guide telecom companies in developing new products or improving existing ones to meet market needs better.