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WMCPlatform Marketing Intelligence

Build Successful Marketing Strategies
With Real-Time Intelligence

Get unparalleled insights into your competitors' pricing, promotions and channel strategies

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  • Perfect Your Customer
    Journey Map

  • Enable your marketing strategies to be actively aligned with the industry best practices, by understanding how competitors attract, convert and retain customers in real-time.

  • Dynamic Pricing &

  • Ensure your offerings remain the most compelling on the market, by using daily insights of competitors' to capitalise on the latest market pricing and promotional trends.

  • The Right Channels & Messaging

  • Avoid guesswork and ensure your budget yields the best returns.

    Use data to identify which marketing channels and messaging approaches are optimum for potential customers.

Benefits Of Using WMC
For Your Marketing Intelligence Strategy

Focus On Marketing Tasks That Matter

Enable your marketing team to solely focus on key tasks that will help you grow market share, by providing them with a continuous flow of intelligence they need, without additional effort.

Automated Tracking

Validate Strategies With Industry Expertise

Provide your decision-makers with deep insights, prepared by industry experts, about your competitors' next moves, and ensure their marketing strategies stand up to scrutiny.

Intelligence Reports

Enhance Your Marketing Budget's ROI

Discover which channels are working for your competitors and emulate them. Give your team powerful analytics, so they can refine their multi-channel strategy and maximise engagement.

Industry Trends

Have Automated Intel Delivered To Your Teams
Directly Into Their Workflows

Integrates With Your Workplace Tools

Using Competitive Insights

Companies need marketing intelligence to make data-driven decisions, gain a competitive edge, understand customer needs, and adapt to market changes. It helps in strategising marketing efforts, identifying market opportunities and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Success can be measured by improvements in marketing ROI, increased customer satisfaction and retention, better market positioning, and the successful introduction of new products or services based on insights gained.

While market research is typically project-specific and focused on gathering data about a particular market or customer group, marketing intelligence is an ongoing process that involves the broader collection and analysis of data to inform overall marketing strategy.

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