Better Strategies With Competitive Intelligence Reports

Get the most value out of WMC’s platform with competitive intelligence reports. Enjoy the high-level analysis of insight departments, without having to build one.

In-Depth Insights Of Your Market
Regular Reports For Decision-Makers
Customise Reports For Specific Teams

Why Use Competitive Intelligence Reports?

WMC’s competitive intelligence reports provide high-level analysis comparable to established insight departments. No need to invest in additional software or analysts. Get fast access to actionable intelligence and enable your marketing, sales, product and strategy teams to achieve more.

Actionable Insights At Your Fingertips

Using WMC’s automated tracking and analyst insights is merely the first step. WMC’s market experts can extrapolate the data gathered by the platform and turn it into actionable insights. From the moment you see the report, you’ll be ready to nullify threats and capitalise on commercial opportunities.

Bespoke Reports For Your Team

Our competitor intelligence insights reports can be customised to different teams’ needs. That could involve focusing on specific regions, campaigns, timeframes or more. This ensures you’re getting the most from the data being captured by the WMC platform.

Let Your Team Focus On Important Tasks

Collating, analysing and presenting data are time consuming and resource-intensive tasks. It’s something typically out of reach for small or medium-sized departments. With WMC’s competitive intelligence reports, the legwork is taken care of and your teams can do what they do best.

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