How Does It Work?

WatchMyCompetitor is a web based portal that allows you to automatically
monitor companies online. Share and discuss the intelligence alerts across
your organisation through our collaboration portal.

More about the product

  • WatchMyCompetitor is a cloud based service that allows you to easily setup and automate your online website tracking.
  • Our service runs 24 x 7, 52 weeks of the year - tracking your online interests.
  • Simply add the web pages you wish to track - grouping the web pages on the dashboard as required.
  • Customers typically setup a number of competitor dashbords to track, products, news, service and pricing.
  • Change alerts are notified through the online dashboards and via summary email.

Your Intelligence Dashboard

When you login, you are taken to your Business Intelligence dashboard.

The dashboard shows you all the changes across a number of categories including:

  • Product Alerts
  • Marketing Alerts
  • Social Media Alerts
  • Company Alerts

Alert categories can be setup on request - for example in the case of compliance monitoring.

Intelligence Alerts

  • Drill into any of the intelligence alerts to see the changes.
  • Changes are highlighted in yellow with red text.
  • Previous changes can be seen through the History link.
  • The history is retained for up to 1 year, important for understanding how your competitors marketing strategy is evolving.
  • The language translation feature instantly translates web pages to English, particularly useful for global brands.
  • Automatic email alerts keep you updated on important changes.

Enterprise Collaboration Portal

Our colloaboration portal is designed to be used by companies of all sizes.

Create any number of virtual groups, eg marketing, sales and product development. Each group has its own members, tracks organisations of interest and allows for document sharing and online discussions around the intelligence alerts.

Alert categories can be setup on request - for example in the case of compliance monitoring.

Let Our Artificial Intelligence Monitor Your Interests

Let our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms monitor your online interests.

Our leading edge technology provides your business with a significant competitive advantage.