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WMCPlatform Insights

Faster & Smarter Business Decisions With
Competitive Insights

Use real-time insights curated and delivered by market experts to outsmart your competitors.

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  • Become A Data-
    Driven Company

  • Make your digital transformation investment worthwhile.

    Learn from the latest innovations, trends and emerging companies disrupting your market.

  • Understand Your

  • Go beyond a surface level understanding of competitors.

    Competitive insights give you a clearer and deeper grasp of what they're doing, why and how they compare with industry trends.

  • Execute Strategies That Deliver ROI

  • Keep your teams' time and energy focused on areas that deliver a ROI.

    Validate your strategies before you implement to maximise the chances of success.

Benefits Of Using WMC
As Part Of Your Competitive Insights Plans

Automate Your Competitor Monitoring

Save valuable time by automating your competitor and wider-industry research. Allow your teams to focus their energy on key tasks that will generate revenue.

Automated Tracking

Have Confidence In Your Strategies

Minimise strategic risks by informing and validating your strategies with unique insights. Give your teams a continuous flow of curated intelligence so plans are aligned and robust.

Analyst Insights

Grow Your Market Share

Provide decision-makers with regular high-level insight reports, tailored to their specific needs, written by industry experts who'll analyse your data.

Intelligence Reports

Have Automated Intel Delivered To Your Teams
Directly Into Their Workflows

Integrates With Your Workplace Tools

Using Competitive Insights

Competitive insights is information gathered by tracking competitor activity online and analysed to provide valuable learnings. It is crucial for understanding market dynamics, identifying trends, and staying ahead of the competition. This knowledge helps in making informed strategic decisions, adapting to market changes, and identifying opportunities for innovation and growth.

Focus on key areas such as product offerings, promotions, pricing strategies, market positioning, customer base, marketing tactics, financial performance, innovation efforts and operational efficiencies. Pay attention to any shifts or changes in competitors' strategies that could impact your market position.

Yes, analysing competitors and market dynamics can provide valuable indicators of future trends. Understanding competitors' actions and strategies, along with broader market analysis, can help anticipate shifts in consumer preferences, technological changes and regulatory changes.

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