About us

Our goal is to make you more successful as an individual and as an organisation through better business intelligence.

WatchMyCompetitor is one of the worlds largest and fastest growing digital business intelligence service providers.

Based in the UK, our unique service helps businesses and not for profits automatically monitor their online interests all over the world.

We believe that timely business intelligence is critical to the success of your organisation as well as helping you succeed as an individual.

Our proprietary, artificial intelligence technology has been developed over the last four years which coupled with our industry leading business intelligence analysts gives you a real edge over your competitors.

Our Clients

WatchMyCompetitor is used by organisations of all types and sizes. Here are some examples of how companies are using our service:

Multi nationals

Multi Nationals

Monitoring their competitors as well as their own brand marketing activities all over the world.


Financial Services

Tracking competitor product offerings, white papers, advice & guidance across all markets.



Monitoring competitors for product launches as well as product claims and possible patent infringement.


Retail Organisations

Monitoring competitor product, pricing and promotional activity.


Technology Providers

monitoring competitor product and service offerings across all markets.


Marketing Agencies

Using our service to automatically monitor client competitor activity.


Franchise Owners

Monitoring and tracking franchise agent compliance with marketing and branding requirements.


All Sectors

Monitoring competitor, client and key partners for product launches, promotions and business changes of interest.

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