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Never Miss Key Market News Alerts Again

Stay informed, never get caught off guard by major events and respond quickly to the latest trends.

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Protect Your Company's Market Position With Real-Time Alerts

  • Receive Key Alerts As They Are Identified

  • Custom Alerts According To Teams' Needs

  • Receive Alerts Via Email, Mobile And More

Why Should Your Company Use Market News Alerts?

Respond faster to threats and opportunities. Even subtle moves by your competitors can impact your market share. Market news alerts enable decision-makers to respond effectively.

Tailor Alerts Received & Share With Ease

Have total control of the alerts received and avoid data overload.

Prioritise the alerts according to different teams' requirements and share them efficiently with decision-makers.

News Alerts From Across The Globe

Never be blind-sided by major developments in foreign markets where you operate.

The news alert function is language agnostic and perfectly suited for companies with overseas operations.

Drive Real Change Across Your Organisation

The news alert function regularly protects companies from major threats. Real-time alerts give your team the updates about competitors, regulators and partners that matter.

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  • Track your competitors in real-time. Access the most relevant, timely and actionable insights. Outsmart your competition.

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