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Government Intelligence Service

Master the Global Political Landscape

Empower your government teams with actionable
intelligence to navigate the international environment

Elevate Your International Strategy With Government Intelligence

Government Intelligence by WatchMyCompetitor.com is the premier solution for government entities looking to gain a strategic edge in the international arena.

From regulatory updates to leadership shifts in governments worldwide, our service ensures you're always informed and one step ahead.

Why Government

Global Awareness: Stay updated on global policy changes, regulatory news, and shifts in governmental focus.

Strategic Decision-Making: Leverage detailed insights for strategic planning and counter-actions to international moves.

Leadership Dynamics: Understand the implications of leadership changes across governments for better diplomatic relations.

Policy Influence: Identify opportunities to influence international policies and negotiations.

Features & Benefits

  • Government News
    and Updates

  • Access up-to-the-minute information on government developments.

  • Benefit

  • Ensure your government is always aware of international governmental changes.

  • New Policy

  • Receive alerts on new policies that could impact your markets.

  • Benefit

  • Prepare and adapt your policy strategies to maximise your position.

  • Policy

  • Stay informed on alterations to existing policies and regulations which impact your international trade.

  • Benefit

  • Adjust your policies to protect your domestic market.

  • Influence International

  • Receive notifications on draft policies and regulatory changes. Engage in dialogue to protect your position.

  • Benefit

  • Influence x-border regulatory developments and advocate for favourable outcomes.

  • Leadership Changes and
    Focus Shifts

  • Monitor shifts in regulatory leadership and priorities.

  • Benefit

  • Anticipate regulatory trends and align your compliance efforts accordingly.

  • Track Regulators Across
    Multiple Jurdistictions

  • Receive intelligence from every market of interest.

  • Benefit

  • Avoid local surprises and bring all the regulatory change across all markets into one platform.

How It Works?

  • Track Your Interests

  • Tell us which government departments you would like to track.

  • Receive Tailored Insights

  • Get concise, actionable intelligence delivered directly to your team.

  • Drive favourable outcomes

  • Use our insights to inform policy making, diplomatic strategies, and international outreach.

Hear From
Our Clients

About The Platform

“Great platform for consolidating & synthesizing competitive insights.”

About The Set-Up

“The analyst team that supports you when you have set up your WatchMyCompetitor account has been phenomenal.”

About The Insights

“Bite size information, clearly labelled, easy integration with Teams.”

Pricing & Subscription Options

We offer a range of subscription plans to fit the diverse needs
of government entities. Contact us to find a plan that suits
your strategic goals.

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