The Industry Leader In Automated Competitor Intelligence

Our industry leading technology automatically monitors the competitors you are interested in tracking. Your Business Intelligence dashboard automatically alerts you to key competitor and company changes.

new competitor products

New Products and Services

Automatic monitoring of competitor products and services ensures you are always on top of your industry.

competitor product changes

Product Changes

Never miss a competitor product or service change. Automatic alerts ensure you can immediately react.

competitor product pricing

Product Pricing

Our service monitors competitor pricing, alerting you to changes of interest.

competitor marketing changes

Marketing Changes

Find out when your competitors introduce marketing changes to their website, for example promoting new products.

competitor promotions


Automatic alerts when your competitors introduce new promotions allows you to immediately respond.

competitor cosmetic changes

Cosmetic Changes

When your competitors change their web site, for example rebranding their site or introducing a new section, your alerts ensure you are aware.

competitor facebook posts

Facebook Posts

Automatically track your competitors Facebook posts. Great for identifying new products and promotions.

competitor twitter posts

Twitter Posts

Track your competitors Twitter posts. Find out what they are promoting and publishing.

competitor company blog

Company Blog

Our competitor company blog tracking keeps you updated on new posts.

competitor company news

Automatic tracking of your competitor news pages ensures that you are kept up to date on financial results, leadership changes and other key news.

competitors in the press

Our competitor news clipping service automatically harvests news on your competitors, keeping you informed of new articles.

competitor thought leadership

Our service will automatically alert you to newly published competitor white papers, product innovation and other leading content.


Our flexible service allows you to setup custom alerts that meet your business requirements.
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Who Uses Our Service

Our service is used by companies of all types and sizes, ranging from small businesses to the largest leading global brands. Typical users of our service include:

  • Ecommerce

    Monitoring key competitor webpages for special offers , newly listed brands,delivery channels, helping team understand competitor multi channel retailing.

  • Marketing

    Monitoring competitors, industry press, news sites , industry discussion forums.

  • Competitor Intelligence

    Monitoring competitor web sites including social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

  • Product Development

    Monitoring competitor product offering, watching for new capabilities, pricing changes.

  • Sales

    Monitoring key customers for news announcements and potential customers for new opportunities (eg new branch opening).

  • Legal

    Monitoring IP and competitor product claims,monitoring legal and regulatory channels for new announcements eg EU legislation sites.

  • Management

    Monitoring key client relationships, key industry personnel, key industry announcements.