Improve Customer Retention And Market Share In The Utilities Sector

Ensure your messaging and pricing strategies are aligned with consumer expectations. WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) cuts through the noise and provides intelligence to grow market share.

How WMC Support Companies In
The Utilities Sector

  • Pricing Strategy To Grow Market Share

    Have a complete understanding of the entire gas, electricity, water or telecoms pricing environment. Formulate competitive tariffs and deals by monitoring established and new competitors’ pricing plans.

  • Improve Customer Retention

    Ensure your client service team knows about the most competitive deals on the market during customers’ renewal phase. Get the latest updates about competitor offers and promotions on social and digital media channels.

  • Respond To Changing Consumer Attitudes

    Align your messaging and product offerings according to latest consumer trends, such as sustainability and support schemes. Receive regular insight reports from WMC analysts that will turn your data to actionable strategies.

  • Better Preparation Against Government Policies

    Cut through the noise and get real-time updates on government legislation that will affect your market operations. Track relevant regulatory bodies to see latest updates about taxation, climate change policies, government grants and more.

WMC Case Studies

Many leading companies have sought out WMC’s expertise because we were able to fully grasp their needs and provide an effective solution.

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