Unearth Industry Trends With Competitive Intelligence Analytics

Identify and respond quickly to market opportunities and threats by examining trends. WMC’s competitive intelligence analytics function visualises the data and gives you actionable intelligence.

See A Timeline Of Competitors’ Actions
Identify Opportunities And Threats Early
Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Market

Why Is Competitive Intelligence Analytics Important?

Capturing all relevant data and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format improves productivity, decision-making and financial performance. When you can eliminate guesswork and rely on empirical evidence, your strategies reflect wider industry trends and developments.

Actionable Insights That Can Be Easily Shared With Your Team

WMC’s competitive intelligence analytics function displays vast quantities of data in a concise and understandable format. This can be turned quickly and easily into actionable insights. You can display an extensive range of online data on a simple dashboard and share it with important stakeholders.

No Need To Manually Clean And Manipulate Data

Enjoy the benefits of having data analysts with an easy-to-use platform. There’s no need to invest in additional resources cleaning data and manually creating charts for a wider audience. WMC’s platform automatically collates, filters and presents data that can be tailored to different users’ requirements.

Grasp Long-Term Trends With The Timeline Function

WMC’s Timeline function gives you visibility of what your competitors were doing throughout different timeframes in an easily digestible format. You don’t need to manipulate data or create additional charts. The Timeline function makes it easy to forecast and respond to industry trends.

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