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WMCPlatform For Sales

Take Your Sales Enablement Strategy
To The Next Level With Data

Give your sales teams the intelligence they need to outperform the competition.

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  • Inform Your Sales

  • Gain an advantage over the competition and improve your sales performance.

    Access insights about your competitors' strengths, weaknesses, promotions and direction.

  • Respond Faster
    To Competitor Changes

  • Enable your sales teams to respond rapidly to competitor promotions, pricing and product changes.

    From new product launches to price competition, respond to protect and grow your revenue

  • Tailor Your Sales

  • Get your message right by understanding what's working in the market.

    Understand your competitors' approach to targeting and identify where and how you can win.

The Benefits Of Using WMC
As Part Of Your Sales Enablement Strategy

Automated Competitor Tracking

Ensure your sales team understands the competitive landscape. Help them respond to the latest competitor promotions, product launches and messaging changes.

Automated Tracking

Sales Proposition Aligned With The Market

Get your sales propositions right by using battlecards to concisely compare your organisation's strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors.


Validate Sale Strategies With Powerful Insights

Provide sales leaders with powerful insight reports, written by industry experts. Ensure their major plans are backed up by real-time intelligence.

Intelligence Reports

Have Automated Intel Delivered To Your Teams
Directly Into Their Workflows

Integrates With Your Workplace Tools

Competitive Intelligence
& Sales Enablement Strategies

Competitive intelligence supports sales enablement strategies by providing insights into competitors' strategies, strengths and weaknesses. This information helps in crafting sales strategies, developing targeted messaging and creating sales materials that emphasise a company's unique advantages.

The effectiveness of a sales enablement strategy is often measured by improvements in sales metrics such as sales cycle length, win rate, average deal size and revenue growth. Additionally, metrics like sales team engagement and competency levels can also be indicators.

Yes, businesses and sales teams of all sizes can benefit from understanding their competitive environment and equipping their sales teams with the right information. For small businesses or sales teams, even having some basic competitive intelligence and targeted sales enablement efforts can significantly impact market positioning.

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