How WMC’s Digital Index Works

The WatchMyCompetitor Digital Index is a method to track the performance of companies in a standrdised way. The index serves as a benchmark against which to evaluate digital performance and the impact it has on revenue.

More than ever, a companies success is directly related to the success of their digital profile we therefore provide analytics on:

  • Company seach volumes - how often is a compny or brand being searched for. 87% of B2B clients looking for a solution to a problem research online first and shortlist providers.

  • Number of social media followers - the number of social followers a company has reflects the level of market interest in their proposition.

  • Number of social posts and follower engagement - the number of social posts and follower engagement.

These are combined to create a composite score against which the companies revenues can be measured vs comparable companies. The WatchMyCompetitor sevice is used by companies to improve their revenues and score across their digital footprint.

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