Which Language Learning Platform Does Social Best

Which Language Learning Platform Does Social Best

WMC Index: Which language learning platform does social best?

Duolingo has topped a list of language learning platforms with the biggest following on social media based on WMC Index research.The online language learning market currently has a value of £7.59 billion with expected growth above 10% by 2016. App-based learning platform Duolingo is the dominant name in the market, which is reflected in its 8.6m followers across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Ewa is its closest competitor with 7.3m followers but there is a significant drop to third-placed Lingokids with 3.1m. Other names on the list include industry stalwart Rosetta Stone (2.8m), Mondly (2.7m), Busuu (2.5m) and Babbel (2m).


The data, shared by WMC Index, was captured by WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) —an automated competitor tracking and business intelligence platform that provides real-time data. The platform is used by leading and challenger organisations across a wide variety of markets, both in the UK and overseas.


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