Google Alerts Are Great But...

The Google alert tool allows you to create a search for any phrase you like, automating the process so you can just set it up and forget about it, while Google does all the hard work of monitoring all online media outlets. The problem with Google Alerts is that it is not designed with your specific business needs in mind:

Google Alerts False Alerts
False alerts are common and waste your time.
Google Alerts No Dashboard
There is no central dashboard to give you full
control over your searches.
Google Alerts No Dashboard Sharing
You can't share your dashboard or important
Google Alerts Too Basic
It tries to be all things to all users rather than
tailored towards businesses.
Google Alerts No Reporting
It does'nt generate reports.
Google Alerts No Translation
It does'nt allow auto translation of articles into your language

Take Your Google Alerts To The Next Level. takes all the great features of Google Alerts and transforms them into a service that puts your business first, so you can stay one step ahead of your rivals.

Competitor monitoring for the 21st century

Our web based service monitors your news interests, 24 / 7, 365 days a year, adding an extra intelligence layer that sits on top of your existing Google Alerts to maximize its value.

Google Alerts Continuous Monitoring
Google Alerts News Dashboards

With, you can create your own personal news dashboards to bring together all your relevant news in one place. What’s more, you can set up as many news dashboards as you need, so you can separate dashboards for your competitors, clients and prospects, and you can share your dashboards with your colleagues, keeping marketing, product development and sales all in on the loop.

Easily fine tune the google alert news you receive, so you’re not bothered by articles you’re not interested in, generate news reports to share with your colleagues and we have a mobile version compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets so you can stay updated, even when you’re out of the office.

Tune Your Google Alerts
Translate Your Google News Alerts

We even translate foreign news into English so you don’t miss out on important international developments.

Our news service makes the perfect complement to our website tracking service, giving you complete monitoring of your competitors and industry.

Perfect Combination Web Monitoring & Google Alerts

Who Uses Our Google News & Web Site Tracking Service

Used by businesses of all types and sizes - ranging from small businesses to the
largest global corporates. Here are some examplesof how our customers use our

Who Uses Our Service

Our service is used by companies of all types and sizes, ranging from small businesses to the largest leading global brands.Typical users of our service include:

  • Ecommerce

    Monitoring key competitor webpages for special offers , newly listed brands,delivery channels, helping team understand competitor multi channel retailing.

  • Marketing

    Monitoring competitors, industry press, news sites , industry discussion forums.

  • Competitor Intelligence

    Monitoring competitor web sites including social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

  • Product Development

    Monitoring competitor product offering, watching for new capabilities, pricing changes.

  • Sales

    Monitoring key customers for news announcements and potential customers for new opportunities (eg new branch opening).

  • Legal

    Monitoring IP and competitor product claims,monitoring legal and regulatory channels for new announcements eg EU legislation sites.

  • Management

    Monitoring key client relationships, key industry personnel, key industry announcements.