How To Track Clients To Build Stronger Client Relationships



“Change brings uncertainty – especially when it comes to client relationships” Richard Jackson, CEO of WatchMyCompetitor

If one of your clients does something significant, whether it’s related to their proposition, geographic reach, personnel or direction, it can have a big impact on your relationship. For example, a new chief marketing officer might want to review their list of suppliers, change approach or bring in a team or software solution they’re more familiar with. It could put your position as the incumbent supplier at risk.


Likewise, if one of your clients is expanding into a new market or country, it could create valuable opportunities to grow your account and increase revenue. But to deal with or maximise the potential of a change, you need to know about it early and be prepared to adapt.

That's Not Easy


More often than not, you’ll only be exposed to the news the client chooses to share with you or something you read about online. You might have some degree of monitoring set-up, such as Google Alerts or following clients on social media, but it’s easy to miss or arrive late to news that could affect your position. 


A slow response could prevent you from engaging the client early, learning more about what their news means — to them and you — and taking the right steps to protect and grow your position and revenue.


How We Can Help


If you want to manage your client relationships more effectively, WatchMyCompetitor can help. You can use our platform to monitor clients across all digital channels so that you never miss a single piece of news.

Every alert is presented in one, easy-to-use dashboard with separate categories for types of news and different clients. It integrates it with your existing tools, like Slack, Teams, Sharepoint or PowerBI so you can disseminate the data quickly and effectively.


You’ll also have your own market intelligence analyst to organise and prioritise the data so that you’re making the most of the platform and your time using it.


For more information or to arrange a demo, contact the Business Intelligence Team today.

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