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inTEST Corporation designs and manufactures engineered solutions for ATE and other electronic test, as well as industrial process applications. Our products are used by semiconductor manufacturers to perform development, qualifying and final testing of integrated circuits (ICs) and wafers, and for other electronic test across a range of industries including the automotive, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial and telecommunications markets. We offer induction heating products for joining and forming metals in a variety of industrial markets, including automotive, aerospace, machinery, wire & fasteners, medical, semiconductor, food & beverage, and packaging. Specific products include temperature management systems, induction heating products, manipulator and docking hardware products, and customized interface solutions. We have established strong relationships with our customers globally, which we support through a network of local offices.



inTEST Corporation Headquaters

41 Hampden Road
United States

inTEST Corporation Share price

14 Dec 2021 16:59 GMT


-0.13 (-1.02 %)

inTEST Corporation Market cap

$133.694 M



inTEST Corporation # 46


Latest inTEST Corporation News

News 21 Jan 2022

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News 18 Jan 2022

Should You Buy inTEST Corporation (INTT) in Semiconductors Industry?

inTEST Corporation (INTT) is the highest overall rated company in the Semiconductors industry with an overall score of 86. INTT is up 87.48% so far this...

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Company Currency Revenue Expense Profit Market Cap WMC Sector Score
inTEST Corporation USD $62,149 $24,702 $2,460 $1,337M 46
Intel Corporation USD $77,712,000 $19,871,000 $18,599,000 $1,998,610B 1
Broadcom Inc. USD $25,553,000 $8,543,000 $4,585,000 $2,529,070B 2
Micron Technology, Inc. USD $25,487,000 $3,581,000 $4,129,000 $934,820B 3
QUALCOMM Incorporated USD $29,409,000 $8,717,000 $8,022,000 $2,043,820B 4

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Details Revenue Total Social Followers Total Social Posts Search Volume Digital Footprint Size Digital change (New Pages) WMC Market Score
inTEST Corporation 0.08 0 0 0 0 0 0.04
Intel Corporation 100 100 100 100 0 0 100
Broadcom Inc. 32.88 0.18 55.22 6 0 0 20.38
Micron Technology, Inc. 32.80 0.83 0.05 3 0 0 1.14
QUALCOMM Incorporated 37.84 9.77 20.67 3 0 0 11.26

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