Worthington Industries, Inc.

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Worthington Industries, Inc. Company Intro

We are an industrial metals manufacturer. With our people-first philosophy, we provide materials processing and manufacturing capabilities.


Basic Materials

Worthington Industries, Inc. Headquaters

200 Old Wilson Bridge Road
United States

Worthington Industries, Inc. Share price

17 May 2023 14:07 GMT


0.54 (0.98 %)

Worthington Industries, Inc. Market cap

$2.772 B



Worthington Industries, Inc. # 9


Latest Worthington Industries, Inc. News

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WMC Market Score

WMC Market to Revenue Score

Worthington Industries, Inc. Market Financials

Revenue, Expenses, Profit

Company Currency Revenue Expense Profit Market Cap WMC Sector Score
Worthington Industries, Inc. USD $3,171,429 $351,145 $723,795 $27,720B 9
ArcelorMittal USD $54,619,000 $0 $2,672,000 $208,770B 1
Nucor Corporation USD $21,532,460 $752,773 $1,634,469 $350,310B 2
United States Steel Corporation USD $10,657,000 $289,000 $-683,000 $48,340B 3
Steel Dynamics, Inc. USD $10,570,980 $632,701 $793,989 $163,860B 4

Market Analytics

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Total Worthington Industries, Inc. Social Followers vs Top 4 Industry Competitors

Worthington Industries, Inc. Post vs Top 4 Industry Competitors

Worthington Industries, Inc. Digital Footprint By Size vs Top 4 Industry Competitors

Worthington Industries, Inc. Digital Footprint By Change Rate vs Top 4 Industry Competitors

Worthington Industries, Inc. WMC Market Score Calculations

Details Revenue Total Social Followers Total Social Posts Search Volume Digital Footprint Size Digital change (New Pages) WMC Market Score
Worthington Industries, Inc. 5.81 1.87 40.27 0 0 0 21.00
ArcelorMittal 100 100 0.69 100 0 0 100
Nucor Corporation 39.42 1.31 100 0 0 0 50.52
United States Steel Corporation 19.51 5.85 14.05 0 0 0 10.04
Steel Dynamics, Inc. 19.35 0 0 0 0 0 0

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