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View all News & Media Latest News Investor Snapshot OUR FORMULA Nearly every day, people ask what our company’s Formula means. Simply put, it’s the way we go about our business. Ask any employee and they will tell you the Formula is an important part of the company’s identity and positively influences our actions on […]



Southwestern Energy Company Headquaters

10000 Energy Drive
United States

Southwestern Energy Company Share price

14 Sep 2022 10:21 GMT


-0.14 (-1.81 %)

Southwestern Energy Company Market cap

$7.805 B



Southwestern Energy Company # 14

Oil & Gas E&P

Latest Southwestern Energy Company News

News 30 Sep 2022

What Are Whales Doing With Southwestern Energy ...

is a financial technology (fintech) company that offers full-circle payment integration services by providing a PayFac platform that integrated software vendors...

News 30 Sep 2022

Three more companies join Appalachian energy collaborative ...

DT Midstream, Southwestern Energy, and Williams have joined the alliance that aims to educate local and regional leaders and groups on the benefit of hubs...

News 30 Sep 2022

West Virginia working with partners to develop clean ...

Pittsburgh-based EQT Corporation will partner with the state of West Virginia as part ... Allentown-based PPL Corp., an electricity and natural gas company,...

WMC Market Score

WMC Market to Revenue Score

Southwestern Energy Company Market Financials

Revenue, Expenses, Profit

Company Currency Revenue Expense Profit Market Cap WMC Sector Score
Southwestern Energy Company USD $2,788,000 $1,069,000 $-1,485,000 $78,050B 14
Occidental Petroleum Corporation USD $16,489,000 $3,805,000 $-13,789,000 $610,260B 1
ConocoPhillips USD $22,452,000 $2,725,000 $20,000 $1,481,580B 2
EOG Resources, Inc. USD $10,436,240 $4,264,392 $62,428 $719,130B 3
Pioneer Natural Resources Company USD $8,078,000 $404,000 $-560,000 $590,800B 4

Market Analytics

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Total Southwestern Energy Company Social Followers vs Top 4 Industry Competitors

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Southwestern Energy Company Digital Footprint By Change Rate vs Top 4 Industry Competitors

Southwestern Energy Company WMC Market Score Calculations

Details Revenue Total Social Followers Total Social Posts Search Volume Digital Footprint Size Digital change (New Pages) WMC Market Score
Southwestern Energy Company 12.42 0.41 0.01 0 0 0 0.23
Occidental Petroleum Corporation 73.44 36.80 13.22 3 0 0 17.79
ConocoPhillips 100 100 96.35 100 0 0 100
EOG Resources, Inc. 46.48 0.04 100 0 0 0 33.84
Pioneer Natural Resources Company 35.98 0.71 11.33 1 0 0 4.50

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