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Multilatina líder en sistemas para el registro y acreditación de asistentes a eventos corporativos, deportivos y sociales. Manejo de información clientes


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News 30 Dec 2020

Transferred inmates were still in contact with their gangs ...

Transferred inmates were still in contact with their gangs, mayor says. Border Crime. Closing federal prison will have a "positive effect" on public safety in Juarez, ...

News 30 Dec 2020

COVID-19 Positive Cases Tabulated With Respect to the ...

Those who have in contact with a symptomatic individual/individuals must now sequester themselves for 10 days, rather than the previous two-weeks regimen. The ...

News 30 Dec 2020

New spread of Covid-19 knocks down passenger numbers at ...

Colleagues and persons in contact with an airline intern at Don Mueang Airport who tested positive to COVID-19 have been isolated and tested, with first results ...

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