September 2018

Frequently asked questions

How Can I Use WatchMyCompetitor For My Business?

We believe it's important to know when your competitors launch new products, add new features, change pricing or make other changes to their business. We also believe its helpful to know when your key business partners and customers make changes to their business. Very simply, our service automatically monitors all the companies you are interested in and alerts you to these important business changes.

Who Uses Our Service?

We have customers in almost every sector, for example financial services, retail, engineering, manufacturing & technology. These customers use our service to monitor the companies they are interested in all over the world. Marketing, product development, management, customer insight are just a few of the departments that use our service.

What Benefits Will The Service Bring?

Your customers are now globally connected and expect to be able to find, review and purchase product online. If your customers are reviewing the competition, so should you. Otherwise, you risk being out maneuvered by your competition. Our service makes sure you keep one step ahead of the competition. Whilst companies have been monitoring their competitors manually, our service allows you to fully automate the monitoring freeing up time to focus on the market intelligence the service provides.

How Easy Is It To Setup The Service?

Our service is cloud based, so you do not need to worry about installing any software. Simply tell us the companies you are interested in. We then create an account and setup the monitoring for you normally within a day or two.

Are There Any Limits To The Number of Companies & Web Pages We Can Track?

There are no limits to the number of companies or web pages that you can monitor.

How Much Does The Service Cost?

Every customer has different monitoring requirements. Our pricing is tiered based on the number of companies and web pages that you wish to track. If you would like a no obligation quotation, please click here.

Can Your Service Track Foreign Language Web Sites?

Our service is used to track web sites all over the world. The service works with all languages. In addition, our service appears to be a local visitor to foreign web sites, so we do not get redirected to a different view. This is important as many sites display different web pages based on your location.

Will My Competitors Know That I Am Monitoring Them?

No - our service appears to be a normal visitor to their web site. In addition, we only monitor information in the public domain. Our service checks the company web sites once a day although this can be increased if required.

Do You Have A Mobile App For iOS and Android?

Yes - we have an Android and iOS app so our service can be used on mobile phones and tablets.

Our platform is loved & trusted by a variety of world-leading brands

  • unilever
  • wavesight
  • acca
  • abeerdeen
  • UK2
  • umbo
  • rb

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